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AUKEY PB-Y45 27,600mAh 140W Review: Power Bank with Impressive Charging Capabilities

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John SG
John SG
4 months ago

Wah, this AUKEY PB-Y45 power bank really power sia! 140W ultra-fast charging leh, can charge my laptop so fast. And the design also very chio, slim and lightweight, perfect for people like me always on the go. But hor, no wireless charging leh, that one would be even more convenient lah. Got any other power banks with wireless charging ah?

Waylon Jr
4 months ago

The 140W ultra-fast charging can charge my phone and laptop super quickly leh. And the digital display lagi good, can see how much battery left and how long until fully charged? But hor, no support for wireless charging. Other than that, looks like a solid choice lah.