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Hello! Here we are.

Power banks are the need of the hour! With our smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, we are always on the move. The only problem with that is the need to constantly keep a check on the battery levels. Some power banks have the ability to charge your smartphone 2-3 times on one charge and can be a lifesaver when travelling for work or pleasure. Power banks come in all shapes, sizes and colors and it’s important to know what to look for when purchasing one.

We are passionate about always finding the best power bank for all your needs, whether that be a few extra hours at the airport charging your phone or a power bank to take out hiking or skiing so you can power up your GoPro, phone and much more!

I’m Shawn and I’m a web editor of pickpowerbank. We’re a small team of dedicated power bank enthusiasts, who specialize in electronic and technology. We live, breath and eat power banks, we test and use the best power banks out there, so that you don’t have to. I’m here today to help you find the best power bank for your needs.

Our team of experienced writers have developed a series of articles that help readers find the perfect power bank for their devices. We have been able to distill the information down to the most important factors you need to consider when choosing a power bank. Our articles are easy to read and free from jargon. They are written to the highest of standards and always include the top power banks on the market.

Going forward we aim to provide the following useful PowerBank content:

Product Reviews

Buyers Guides

How-to Guides

Product Comparisons

and much more!

If you have any questions or comments about our website then please get in touch!


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