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Best Power Bank For Laptop in [current_year]

In [current_year], the world is going to be a much different place. Part of that change will be in how we live and work.
The development of electric cars has already made traveling distances easier than ever before (as long as you have your own car).

Air travel may soon become obsolete with the rapid development of drone technology. As for laptops: they are no longer just computers; they’ve evolved into an essential item used by nearly everyone today and worth thousands of dollars!

That’s why I’m proud to present the 12 best portable power banks for laptops that are worth your money.

What are the best portable power banks for laptops?

Bottom Line
Bottom Line
The Shargeek STORM2 100W 25600mAh. It only takes 30 minutes to charge your Macbook Pro 16” from 0% to 45%.
100w Fast Charging
Gorgeous Design
A bit pricey
Bottom Line
The Omni Ultimate 142wh battery is a powerful and versatile option for those who need a reliable and long-lasting power source. This battery is compliant with FAA/TSA regulations.
Compliant with FAA/TSA
142wh or 38,400mAh Capacity
A bit heavy
Bottom Line
 The Anker PowerCore III 19,200mAh Huge Cell Capacity 45W Power And with its 45W fast-charging.
Fast Charging
Relatively low-capacity

Charging a laptop with USB-C

First, check to see if your laptop can charge via USB-C. If so, your USB port will have an icon of a lightning bolt. Laptops have large batteries, so you’ll need a power bank with a capacity of at least 20,000mAh. In addition, your power bank should deliver high power.

How much power you need will depend on your laptop. Chromebooks and the MacBook Air require at least a 30W power bank.

The MacBook Pro 13 inches requires 61W, the MacBook Pro 15 inches requires 87W, and the MacBook Pro 16 inches requires no less than 96W. To see how much power you need, check your old laptop charger.

The Best 12 Power bank For [current_year]: Our Picks

There are many different types of portable power banks for laptop on the market. Some are designed specifically for laptops with USB-C, while others are more general purpose.

1 Anker 737 Review

Anker 737 (PowerCore 24K) Power Bank Review Should You Get? 

It’s a bit on the heavy side but that’s to be expected when it’s packed with 24000mAh worth of power. With its incredible output, short recharge time, and handy screen, this power bank is currently unbeatable.
2 Shargeek Storm2

Shargeek Storm2 Review: 25,600mAh

The Shargeek STORM2 100W Power Bank 25600mAh can quickly charge laptops and smartphones. It only takes 30 minutes to charge your Macbook Pro 16” from 0% to 45% or your iPhone 13 from 0% to 50%.
3 Baseus 140W Portable Charger

Baseus 140W Portable Charger Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

Discover the power of the Baseus 140W Portable Charger in our comprehensive review. Find out if it lives up to the hype and get hooked today!
4 Cuktech 20 25000Mah 140W Powerbank

Is CUKTECH 20 Power Bank Review: The Ultimate Portable Charger?

Discover the CUKTECH 20 Power Bank – the ultimate portable charger that will never let you down! Read our in-depth review to find out why it’s a must-have for mobile users.
5 Ugreen 25000Mah 145W Power Bank

UGREEN 25000mAh 145W Power Bank Review: The Ultimate Portable Charger?

Discover the UGREEN 25000mAh 145W Power Bank review, the ultimate portable charger for on-the-go power. Find out if it’s worth the hype! Read now!
6 Baseus Blade Hd 100W 20000Mah Power Bank

Baseus Blade 100W USB-C Portable Charger Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

Discover if the Baseus Laptop Power Bank 100W Blade USB C Portable Charger lives up to its hype in this in-depth review. Find out if it’s worth your investment!
7 Uktech 15 Power Bank

CUKTECH 15 Power Bank Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

Discover the truth about the CUKTECH 15 Power Bank in our comprehensive review. Is it worth the hype? Find out now and make an informed decision.
8 Aukey Pb Y45 27600Mah 140W

AUKEY PB-Y45 27,600mAh 140W Review: Power Bank with Impressive Charging Capabilities

Experience impressive charging capabilities with the AUKEY PB-Y45 27,600mAh 140W power bank. Read my review now and discover its remarkable features! Don’t miss out – get yours today!
9 Anker Prime Power Bank Review

Anker Prime 20000mAh 200W Power Bank Review: Is It the Ultimate Portable Charger?

Discover the ultimate portable charger in our detailed Anker Prime Power Bank Review. Get insights, ratings, and find out if it’s worth your investment. Read now!
10 Cuktech 30 Power Bank

CUKTECH 30 Power Bank Review: The Ultimate Charging Solution?

Discover the ultimate charging solution with our CUKTECH 30 Power Bank Review. Don’t miss out, read now!
11 Omni Ultimate 38400Mah Review

Omni Ultimate Review: 38,400mAh Power Bank

Its 38,400mAh capacity and triple output make it capable of charging laptops, smartphones and even drones at full speed. It’s also airline-approved, so you can take it with you on long flights without any worries.
12 Omni 20C Cover

omni 20c+ Review: 100W USB-C 20,000 mAh

The Omni 20c+ 100W USB-C/Wireless Charging Portable Power Bank with USB Hub is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful and versatile portable power bank.

Can you charge laptop with power bank?

Yes, you can charge your laptop with a power bank – but it depends on the compatibility of your power bank and laptop.

Laptops are high-powered devices that usually come with chargers rated at 105W or even 135W. Most power banks, on the other hand, have a 5V/2A or 9V/2A power output – which isn’t even close to what a modern laptop needs.

Macbook Air 2020 model comes 49.9 Whr

MacBook Pro 16-inch model comes with a 99.6Whr

So before you try to charge your laptop with a power bank, make sure to figure out its charging rate first.

How much power do I need?

When working with laptops, the power needs can vary greatly depending on the model and usage. For example, a laptop that is used for gaming will require more power than one that is only used for browsing the internet. The best way to determine how much power your laptop will need is to consult the owner’s manual.

In terms of chargers, there are a few different types to choose from. The most common are wall chargers, which plug into an AC outlet, and power banks, which are portable chargers that can be used to charge your laptop or mobile devices.

When choosing a charger, it is important to consider how much power you will need. If you only need to charge your laptop occasionally, a small charger should suffice. However, if you plan on using your laptop frequently, a larger charger may be necessary.

USB-C is the latest type of charging port and is becoming increasingly popular. Wall chargers and power banks that have this type of port can be used to charge laptops as well as mobile devices.


15,000 mah
20,000 mah
26,800 mah
Macbook Air
MacBook Air
49.9 Wh
15,000 mah
1.1x Times
20,000 mah
1.5x Times
26,800 mah
2x Times
2.8x Times
Macbook Pro 16 2021
MacBook Pro 16
99 Wh
15,000 mah
0.5x Times
20,000 mah
0.7x Times
26,800 mah
1x Times
1.4x Times

Power Bank Average Effective 75%

CHOOSING A power bank?

The fast-growing market for power banks means there are now lots of options available with a wide range of features. The main features you need to consider are:

Power—are you charging a device that needs a normal amount of power or one that needs high power?
Speed—how important is this to you and are you willing to pay more for it?
The number of ports—how many devices do you want to charge at the same time?


Most power banks provide 1A or 2.1A of power per USB port. 1A ports are fine for charging mobile phones, but they aren’t suitable for charging tablets. To ensure you can charge a range of devices, it’s best to go with a charging station that has 2A ports at a minimum.

USB-C ports up to 3A—are available on some charging stations. 2.0 ports are normally sufficient, but a USB-C port will charge your device more quickly.

Power Delivery between USB Charging Port

TypeMaximum PowerVoltageMaximum Current
USB 2.02.5W5V500mA
USB 3.04.5W5V900mA
USB BC 1.27.5W5V1.5mA
USB Type-C15W5V3A
USB Type-C PD100W20V5A
*USB-C connections to replace all older USB-A connections and other ports.

Typically Devices Power Consumption

USB-C PD is a new standard that can deliver up to 100 watts of power. This is enough to charge laptops and other devices.


While the features mentioned above are more important than any specialty features a power bank might come with, there are still some extra features that are worth noting.

For example, some power banks have ports with specialty circuits that allow you to take advantage of various “fast charge” technologies, like Qualcomm’s “Quick Charge” system for Android devices. USB-C PD enables you can charge your devices at 100W.

Others may include wireless charging alongside USB ports, so you can set your wireless-charging enabled device right on top.

The Number of Ports:

When considering how many ports you need in a power bank, it’s important to think about future use as well.

The cost difference between models is minimal when you look at it on a per-port basis, so it’s worth it to get a charger with more ports than you currently need.

That way, if you get new devices in the future or your family members need to charge their devices, you’ll be covered.

So, when you’re looking for a power bank, buy one with a few more ports than you think you’ll need. That way, you can avoid clutter and be prepared for anything.

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